Trainee Program

A detailed introduction to your specialty.

When you are straight out of college, many avenues are open to you. And one of the most interesting and exciting ones has to be our trainee program. Not only does it prepare you for your future role and area of business, the program moves you through a variety of different areas – an ideal opportunity for you to think outside the box. Trainee program participants get to work in a variety of departments or companies, allowing them to get to know different parts of the business from the inside out. This provides you with a broad range of skills and knowledge, and provides a solid foundation on which to build up your own personal network.

Getting ahead with commitment: Julia Raab, Uhde GmbH.

The aim of the thyssenkrupp trainee program is to prepare college graduates and high-fliers through initial on-the-job experience for the future challenge of specialist and management positions. The difference between this program and the classic direct entry model is that participants spend a fixed period of 12 to 24 months as part of the established organization and business processes. This normally involves time within a variety of departments or areas, in Germany and other countries. We also provide you with what we call “off-the-job” training, away from the workplace and carefully matched to individual strengths and potential.

Whichever option is better for you – direct entry or the trainee program – both have one thing in common: just like everything at thyssenkrupp, you will get to work on fascinating projects, solving problems as part of a fun and professional team.