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With the size and diversity of thyssenkrupp, questions may still be be looking for answers. Here you find them, in a compact summary, sorted by target groups. In addition, you can acquire further information through our contacts.


Will thyssenkrupp work with me on my final thesis?

Of course thyssenkrupp subsidiaries will work with you in writing your final thesis. Our final theses section has all the details.

Does thyssenkrupp maintain a collection of topics for final theses?

Since the thyssenkrupp Group comprises over 800 companies, a centralized collection will never stay up to date. That is why we have decided to forgo it.

What requirements do I have to meet to obtain help with my dissertation?

You should be progressing through your coursework at a solid pace, earning good grades, and finally, you should be majoring in a subject which overlaps significantly with one of the many areas and businesses we work in. Please get in touch with your subsidiary of choice about their additional requirements and information on choosing a topic.

Will I earn any money while working on my final thesis with thyssenkrupp?

Financial compensation during your time spent working on your final thesis depends on how much support you receive from the subsidiary as well as how your chosen topic affects the subsidiary overall. With that in mind, you should discuss the issue of payment with our key contacts in the company of your choice once you have formally settled on your topic.

Could I write a final thesis outside Germany?

Generally, yes. But we have to say from experience that this often causes organizational headaches. Especially if you need to speak face to face with your supervising professor or their assistants while you’re writing your thesis.

How can I apply to work with thyssenkrupp on my final thesis?

Due to the high number of requests, we can not provide any kind of central coordination. Please get in touch with the subsidiary of your choice for more specific information. You’ll also find further details in our final theses section.

Graduate Careers

Will I be hired as a full-time employee once I finish the trainee program?

We aim to hire trainees as full-time employees at the close of the trainee program. And as a matter of fact, there are just a few trainees looking for other opportunities outside thyssenkrupp or who we can not offer a full-time position to at that moment.

What does direct entry mean?

Direct entry means you sign an indefinite employment contract (which still includes a trial period). You will also assume responsibility immediately, and, unlike a trainee in the trainee program, will not have a thorough exposure to related areas of business. However, we will always try to help you widen your view of the bigger picture by encouraging you to share your experience, attend seminars, and adopt new ways of thinking in your day-to-day work.

What requirements do I need to meet to start my career at thyssenkrupp?

People with substance and personality – that’s what we value most. If you can also point to demonstrated performance, motivation, and commitment, you have met the most important requirements already. Depending on the position, the right candidate will have to show expertise in the area needed. And of course, the impression you make on us as person counts, too.

How much does the thyssenkrupp trainee program pay?

Our subsidiaries are responsible for setting up and running the trainee programs. Since these all fall under different industries and collective bargaining sectors, we can not give you an across-the-board answer. However, it is safe to say that thyssenkrupp subsidiaries will offer pay comparable with other companies.

Are there set start dates?

In the thyssenkrupp Group, individuals are usually hired as the need arises. As a result, there are no set start dates – which also means no set application deadlines.

What kinds of people will thyssenkrupp need in the near future?

Every year, thyssenkrupp subsidiaries hire nearly 200 new college graduates in our trainee and orientation programs. Nearly 75% have an engineering degree, another 20% or so majored in business.

What development opportunities does thyssenkrupp offer once I have finished my traineeship?

Strictly speaking, you can advance to the highest management positions once you’ve completed the trainee program. Naturally, this depends on your performance – and often the right timing. At thyssenkrupp, we have plenty of personnel development instruments such as seminars, conferences, job rotation, and succession planning to provide you with the right infrastructure for you to grow. When it comes to actually growing though, that is up to you!

Which is the best way for me to get started – the trainee program or direct entry?

This decision hinges on a number of factors, so we can not provide a one-size-fits-all answer here. Your best bet: before you decide, visit our trainee programs and direct entry sections for complete information, and if you have any further questions, please get in touch with our key contacts.

In what areas can I sign up for a trainee program?

Our subsidiaries offer trainee programs in all kinds of areas of activity. Head over to our trainee programs section for an overview.

What are the most sought-after majors?

Again, we can not answer this question in blanket terms since your prospects depend on so many things – your area of expertise, aspects of your characters, and your performance to date. To find out which businesses offer trainee programs which will improve your chances, visit our trainee programs section.

Is experience outside Germany a must-have?

No. Having spent time outside Germany certainly makes you an appealing candidate, but it certainly is not a make-or-break condition for participating in our trainee programs.

Does thyssenkrupp run a trainee program?

The trainee program is how new college graduates usually start with us. And our trainee programs are designed to give you much more than an overview – more often than not, they groom you for a specific position down the road. Read more in our trainee program section.

What exactly does a trainee program at thyssenkrupp entail?

Each trainee program is a reflection of the subsidiary which runs it. Find out more in our trainee program section.

Are trainee programs better than direct entrance?

No, they are just another way in. Which path is better and which you choose depends on a number of factors. Firstly there is the question of whether the subsidiary you wish to join actually runs a trainee program. Then your own work experience has to be taken into consideration. There is also the question of whether the company can "do without you" for 50 to 75% of the trainee period, because this is the time you will spend getting to know related areas.

Whether you join us through a trainee program or as a direct entrant has no influence on your subsequent career prospects.

How long does a trainee program last?

Usually, a trainee program runs 12 months. However, these programs are coordinated individually, so these timeframes may vary. Visit our trainee program section for specifics.

Can I spend part of the trainee program outside Germany?

Many of our trainee programs now include at least one stage outside Germany – these stages can last anywhere from two weeks to several months. It all depends on what the stage requires and, of course, your interests.

Applicants with Work Experience

Does thyssenkrupp also hire candidates with previous work experience?

Of course! However, we usually advance individuals from our own ranks into management positions. This gives our employees good opportunities to grow. But every now and then, people with prior work experience do join our fold. Our recommendation: check out our job exchange from time to time.

Can I submit an unsolicited application – even if I have previous work experience?

As a matter of fact, we’d be delighted if you took the initiative. For further information, visit our professionals and application section.

How much work experience should I have?

The amount of work experience you need depends on which position at thyssenkrupp you have in mind. You can usually find this information in the job description.

Do I need to have industry experience?

Industry experience is certainly preferable, but you don’t have to have it to work here. When your profile lines up with our requirements – that’s what drives the decision.

I am aiming to work outside Germany. Who should I talk to?

In this case, the best way to get the ball rolling is to speak directly with your chosen subsidiary and discuss the precise requirements as well as the application procedure with the key contacts there.

I am considering a lateral career move. How do you view that?

A thyssenkrupp rule of thumb: we always welcome motivated people who are committed, have good ideas, and can perform. Whether or not we can offer you a promising career depends on what we need at the time and how well your profile lines up with what we need. While you are here, why not explore our job exchange or take the initiative: apply now?


Does thyssenkrupp award any kind of grants or scholarships?

We offer college students a variety of ways to advance their personal and professional growth during their studies. This also includes scholarships – in other words, financial support. For everything you need to know about our aide programs, please visit our college students section.

And does thyssenkrupp offer support to post-grads, too?

Of course – you will find the support you need as a post-grad with us. At thyssenkrupp, there are plenty of up-and-coming managers who completed their post-graduate degree while they worked with us. However, the number of factors in this arrangement prevents us from providing any across-the-board answers on post-grad support.

Would I be able to switch areas within the thyssenkrupp Group down the road?

If you look at our internal job exchange, you will see hundreds of open positions posted there on any given day. It is entirely up to you – you can discuss your career prospects with other companies in our Group, or you can apply to the posted position directly.

Can I move to a subsidiary outside Germany after completing the trainee program?

Moving to a subsidiary outside Germany is certainly an option. In many cases, managers will even reach out to you with these kinds of offers if your performance has made a good impression and if you have let others know that you would like to work outside Germany.

How do I apply to thyssenkrupp?

You can apply directly to the subsidiary of your choice. If more than one subsidiary appeals to you, you can submit one application through the thyssenkrupp Central Application Service. They will review your application and forward it to the subsidiaries with openings that match your profile.

Do you accept online applications?

Yes – in fact, we recommend them! You can certainly send us a conventional application, but you will benefit from a digital application in a number of ways – and so will we. For more information on the best way to apply and what you need to look out for when submitting a paperless application, visit our application section.

High school students

I am still not sure whether I should go to college or do an apprenticeship.

We can help you make the right decision. Our key contacts are happy to advise you on what kind of apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp most closely matches your expectations. You might even opt for a combination of an apprenticeship and a college degree – we can certainly arrange that. For more information, please visit our high school students and college students sections.

Can I complete vocational education and training at thyssenkrupp?

Of course! We offer you a number of vocational disciplines and opportunities – these are outlined in much greater detail in our section for high school students. We appreciate your interest!


What is the minimum length of time for your internships?

The length of your internship depends on a number of factors. Usually, though, you should plan on at least six weeks to gain sufficient insight into the world of business.

How can I apply for an internship?

Since we have no one central office to coordinate internships, submit your application directly to the company you would like to work for. You will find even more information in our internships section or by speaking with our key contacts in our subsidiaries.

Which areas can I do internships in?

In general, the sky is the limit – which you will quickly see for yourself by skimming through our online internship exchange. For complete information on how to apply for advertised positions or sweep us off our feet with an unsolicited application, visit our internships section.

What requirements do I need to meet for an internship?

Normally, good grades in high school or college plus a real sense of motivation are the perfect accompaniments to starting an internship at thyssenkrupp. Each subsidiary also lays out their specific requirements for internships.

Will I receive financial compensation during my internship?

Your pay depends on the subsidiary which hires you. It also depends on whether you are doing an obligatory internship or if it is on a voluntary basis. Normally, internships pay between zero and 750 euros per month.

Will I have a chance to do an internship outside Germany at thyssenkrupp?

As a global company, it’s a given that we offer internships around the world. The same requirements apply as you’ll find in internships within Germany, but it is more difficult to land an internship in one of our subsidiaries outside Germany. Visit our internships section to learn more.

What requirements do I need to meet for an internship outside Germany?

The must-haves: a solid command of the local languages and being willing to pay for your travel (there and back) and your housing out of your own pocket. Please remember, the thyssenkrupp subsidiary you are interning at may not offer you any financial compensation for your work. Additionally, there are requirements which vary from country to country – such as residency and work permits – which are best discussed with the key contacts at our subsidiaries outside Germany. Visit our internships section for further details.

Does thyssenkrupp offer internships?

Every subsidiary within the thyssenkrupp Group offers internships. However, there’s no one central office which coordinates this aspect. This also means that the conditions and requirements for each internship vary from company to company. Our internships section contains complete information.

Student Employment

Although I am still a student, can I work part-time at thyssenkrupp during the semester breaks?

If you join us as what Germans call a “working student,” then your semester breaks are the perfect time to get to work. Visit our working students section for more information. If you would rather just earn some pocket money and go easy on the learning process, you can also work at our subsidiaries during your semester breaks. Please keep in mind, however, that we can not officially designate this arrangement as an internship.

What kind of pay can I expect to receive as a working student?

This kind of work normally pays more than internships do. How much you actually receive depends on prior professional experience as well as other issues, such as which pay scale segment or industry your specific thyssenkrupp subsidiary belongs to. These questions are best answered directly by our key contacts in our subsidiaries.

Where do I apply?

Much like our internships, the sheer volume of requests prevents us from handling “working student” applications in one central place. Please get in touch with the subsidiary that most interests you. And for more information, head over to our working students section.