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  • Christina Böckers
    Christina Böckers

    ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies AG

    "I like working in the atmosphere of a medium-sized company while still being able to enjoy the advantages of a large Group."

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  • Viola Lorenz
    Viola Lorenz

    Student worker in university/college marketing
    ThyssenKrupp AG

    "After experiencing the very warm and welcoming atmosphere of the interview, I went home and said, ‘Yes, that’s it!"

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  • Nicole Hadick
    Nicole Hadick

    Apprenticeship as an industrial clerk
    ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies AG

    "If you are open-minded and enjoy foreign languages, ThyssenKrupp is the right employer for you."

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  • Employees recommending ThyssenKrupp
    Employees recommending ThyssenKrupp

    Bonus Video

    Not unstyled, but rather relaxed: our employees on the working atmosphere, the advantages of ThyssenKrupp and what little girls want to become when they are growing up.

  • Michael Bock
    Michael Bock

    Process Engineer
    ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH

    "To make one's career with ThyssenKrupp is - if gone about the right way - actually a self-runner. Yet one should always be thinking as a team player."

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  • Lee Ingram
    Lee Ingram

    Manager Corporate Service
    ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG

    "Within one year I won several friends around the globe on whom I can rely in the most different business situations."

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  • Inga Schweers
    Inga Schweers

    University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf
    ThyssenKrupp AG

    "As a student, I was fully integrated into the ThyssenKrupp team at all times."

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  • Karen Baranski
    Karen Baranski

    Trainee Accounting and Financial Reporting
    ThyssenKrupp AG

    "In 2004 I was awarded the Student Award of ThyssenKrupp. In context to this award I was then able to absolve an internship abroad with ThyssenKrupp."

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  • Gregor Hibbeln
    Gregor Hibbeln

    Technical Client Consultant
    ThyssenKrupp Steel AG

    "During my travels I was able to immerse into different cultural areas. Those are really good experiences to have."

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  • Patrick Asendorf
    Patrick Asendorf

    Sales Manager
    TK Stainless International GmbH

    "The cooperative education offers me both: a solid basis for my life and career opportunities in the future."

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  • Kathrin Wodera
    Kathrin Wodera

    Desk Officer Company Development
    ThyssenKrupp Materials International GmbH

    "During my 18-month trainee program I was active at many different locations. I learned a lot there."

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