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Become part of a successful, innovative team at a global market leader in the midst of a multi-faceted, charismatic city.

Figures, information and facts about the factory and location

Number of plants 1

Number of employees 272

In the east of the country, surrounded by the foothills of the Erz Mountains, lies the modern, industrial city of Chemnitz where traditional ingenuity meets the high-tech developments of the 21st century.

At the Chemnitz plant, we develop and produce camshafts and valve train systems in modern and highly flexible production facilities and are the only location worldwide to develop and produce camshafts for commercial vehicles. Groupwide research and development is situated here; we create innovative new products in cooperation with regional and international research institutes.

Saxony’s third-largest city is an excellent place to live and work! Thus we cordially invite you to become part of a successful and innovative team at our Chemnitz location. Whether in the commercial or technical area - we offer a wide range of opportunities.


Health & safety first

We want every employee to be able to go home healthy after work! Thus we have successfully established an extensive culture of workplace health and safety at our company.

The health and safety of employees is vital for the success of the company. We therefore offer a wide range of measures for the purposes of occupational health management. We support the well-being of our employees with health days, fitness offers, weekly fresh fruit and vegetables, massages and free water coolers.



Research and development

We develop innovative new products in the area of valve trains in cooperation with regional and international research institutes. The design and optimisation of valve train components to reduce costs, weight, fuel consumption and emissions takes place in close cooperation with the design, analysis and testing departments.






Best training company

Our company is proud to have received the award for the “Best Training Company” in Saxony’s metal and electrical industry. We were honoured on the basis of our training quota as well as for our performance in vocational and educational orientation, school sponsorships and support during training periods.

In addition to all-day career guidance events and active participation in the school-business working group, we also offer the opportunity to get a first taste of industry as part of school internships and holiday work.

We are thyssenkrupp

Being part of us means that every employee, regardless of role, contributes equally to the success of the company. Our cohesion is characterised by openness and mutual appreciation.







Team spirit

Strong team spirit is what sets us apart. We treat every employee commitment with respect, recognition and appreciation. Regular team and company events bring us together. 






Business and tradition

As the leading location for technology and business in Germany, our city is attractive for many well-known companies in the automotive and components industry as well as those in engineering and plant manufacturing.

Chemnitz is the home of German automotive engineering: in June 1932, four of Saxony’s most prevalent vehicle manufacturers merged in Chemnitz to become the ‘industry giant’, Auto Union AG: the two luxury car manufacturers from Zwickau, Horchwerke AG and Audi-Werke AG, the automotive department of Wanderer-Werke AG from Chemnitz-Siegmar which focused on the construction of mid-range cars and the Zschopau-based J. S. Rasmussen AG, the parent company of the emerging motorbike and small car manufacturer, DKW.


The city and the surrounding area offer a variety of activities all year round for all age groups, families, explorers and nature lovers alike. Large parks invite you to relax, play and barbecue in one of Germany’s greenest cities.

There is much to experience from the bath to the theatre, zoo, climbing gym and hiking excursions in the Erz Mountains. There are also numerous events throughout the year such as the city festival, the Christmas market and various other festivals.






Nurseries, schools and universities

Guaranteed nursery places, short paths within the city as well as numerous playgrounds make it easy for families to feel at ease in Chemnitz, as it also takes care of the elderly. In addition to university students, Chemnitz is also a reputable educational location for primary and secondary school students, apprentices and mature students. We work very closely with Chemnitz University of Technology on some of our projects.




Unlimited enthusiasm for sport

You can also get sporty in Chemnitz; a special enthusiasm for self-training was born here. Major and minor sports fans alike come together in the swimming pool, ice rink, tennis courts, golf course or at one of over 223 sports clubs in Chemnitz. We also do sport and hold ski days, company runs and football tournaments, among other things, every year.

Nature lovers get their money’s worth.

The Chemnitz city park is six kilometres long and thus one third larger than New York’s Central Park.

Shopping and accommodation

Shopping is very popular in Chemnitz - whether in one of the numerous shopping centres or in the small surrounding shops, you can saunter around shops all over the place and find bargains here and there. You are also well taken care of medically; there is a dense network of hospitals, doctors, physiotherapists and rehabilitation centres in Chemnitz.




Live and learn

Tradition and modernism are also reflected in the exciting urban contrasts, from new builds in the city centre to newly renovated accommodation dating back to the Gründerzeit period which would be priceless in other cities yet inviting here with low rent to move in and to stay. With more than 1533 hours of sunshine a year, people in Chemnitz enjoy better weather than those in Leipzig or Frankfurt for example.




The city as a backdrop

Open Air at the Karl Marx Monument, musicals in front of the opera, ballet in Brühl, drama in Küchwald, fire dancing at Schloßteichinsel, a buzzing city centre - Chemnitz seduces you culturally with its lively cultural scene with its multiple museums and theatres as well as numerous jazz clubs and cabarets. The countless restaurants, pubs, cafés, cinemas and clubs further invite you to pass away the evenings relaxingly - or to get them started.




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