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Facts, figures and information about our site and plants

Number of plants 1

Number of employees 800

thyssenkrupp Presta Dalian is located in the northeast of Dalian, the first national development zone in China. As company is 27 kilometers away from the city center, the transportation is convenient. Our company can supply more than 6.3 million camshafts per year to many engine manufacturers, which largely meets the demand for camshaft products of European automakers. Having around 800 employees, we offer a large number of employment opportunities for company development. Therefore, whether you are engaged in production or technology research and development, if you become a member of our team, you can realize your career dream.


Safety First

Employees are precious, so securing their safety is our top priority. In order to allow each employee to work in a safe place, we distribute work clothes and appropriate personal protective equipment according to the type of work. We also mark safe pedestrian passages in the factory. Through regular health checkups, we actively protect the health of our employees and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases.

Company Canteen

In the company canteen, we not only provide employees with free working meals (including two meat diets, three vegetable plates, two cold dishes, six staple foods and fresh fruits), but also provide free drinking water all day. The dishes in the working meal are regularly updated and the tastes are varied to meet the needs of each employee.

Communication Platform

In order to hear the voice of each employee, our company regularly obtains employee opinions through the employee suggestion box, conducts employee satisfaction survey at the end of each year, and adjusts the parts that need to be rectified according to the survey results. Through this convenient and efficient communication platform, employees' enthusiasm for promoting our company construction and development has been enhanced.


The annual group building activities are a valid way to improve the overall efficiency of the organization and to motivate employees to form collective awareness, shared values and a sense of belonging. In the expansion project, employees develop innovation, work together, and solve problems while also enhancing team cohesion and actively building team spirit.



The Jinshitan Tourist Resort in the vicinity of the company covers an area of 58 square kilometers. During the summer, you can enjoy sea bathing, seaside barbecue, and sea entertainment with your family on the Gold Coast Beach. The Discovery Kingdom Theme Park in the park is not only a children’s paradise but also a place for parents to relax. In addition to work, you can go to Tongniu Ridge, is a good place for leisure, fitness and closeness to nature, where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery.

Living Conditions

Since many tourist attractions are in our company's area, 3 large chain shopping centers, a large number of fruit fresh supermarkets and pharmacies, and 35 three-star hotels are nearby. There are many comfortable buildings in the vicinity of the company. In order to facilitate your work, you can choose one of them as an ideal place to live.

Employee Benefits

In addition to the five kinds of insurances and one deposit, our company also provides you with a number of benefits such as welfare annual leave, employee care gifts, and full-pay sick leave. At the same time, employees who work in the company are given a loyalty award every five years according to their working years. Activities are also organized during the holiday season to provide benefits to employees. In order to facilitate commuting to and from work, our company provides shuttle services, which have five shuttle routes covering all areas within and outside Dalian.

Public Service

In order to fulfill our company's mission and assume corresponding social responsibilities, we have a charity volunteer association and regularly organize charitable activities. For example, donate books, stationeries or instruments to local primary schools, and pave the way for them. We are committed to giving some warmth to our society by organizing charitable activities.

Entertainment & Fun

In addition to work, you can experience a variety of restaurants, taste Dalian seafood and attend concerts. Here you can not only find a number of ways to relax, but also have many opportunities to enjoy a good life with your family and friends.

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