Why thyssenkrupp?

If you want to achieve great things, then you’re one of us

At thyssenkrupp, we have more than 155,000 employees in almost 80 countries and an annual turnover of €43 billion. We are active in automotive engineering, logistics, plant technology, steel production, elevator manufacturing, and much more. We work in small and large businesses all around the world – and we always work together. We have over 200 years of experience in industry and cutting-edge technology. Our diversity and size means that we can always offer you tasks that suit your skills, arouse your curiosity, and challenge you.

In addition, we can offer you an environment you’ll love working in. Exciting projects, pioneering topics, and a shared goal: to make the world a better place every day – in big ways and in small ways, with our customers and with you. This is what we’re striving towards. And this is why we demonstrate openness, honesty, and respect for one another, irrespective of status. Our shared value is reliability. We’re a team. And we’d be delighted if you could join us.

The thyssenkrupp group

Our business operations are organized in six business areas: Components Technology, Elevator Technology, Industrial Solutions, Materials Services, Steel Europe, and Steel Americas. The business areas are divided into business units and operating units. In 77 countries, 497 subsidiaries and 23 investments accounted for by the equity method are included in the consolidated financial statements. 

Our core principles

1. For us, tomorrow's technologies are today’s challenges

Even the greatest innovations begin with a blank piece of paper. And we can help you to fill it with your ideas. Why? Because we understand the market and customer requirements of tomorrow. Because we have created a working environment that stimulates the development of innovative products and services. And because we’ll enable you to contribute your strengths and interests. 

2. We are one team

We believe in the power of working together. It’s the key to every major innovation. Great things can only be achieved when many people work together to fine-tune a big idea. That’s why we value your initiative and enthusiasm. Your way of thinking and experience are hugely important to us. And we want you to become an important part of a team that works hand in hand to break new ground and deliver exceptional solutions.

3. We all need a strong partner to get to the top

When we want to conquer the highest summits, we need a reliable partner at our side. Start your ascent with thyssenkrupp. Your journey won’t be easy, because we’ll challenge you to get the best out of you. But we’ll also provide you with as much support as we can. You’ll contribute your ideas and strengths and share your time with us. In return, we’ll provide you with the highest health and safety standards, fair working conditions, and attractive benefits.

What we offer you

A good balance between work and family life

Work is a big part of all our lives. But it’s also important to make time for other parts. We’ll help you to find a healthy balance between your work and personal life with advantages such as flexible working hours, the in-house childcare facilities at our Duisburg and Essen locations, and our family office. What’s more, we're continually expanding this range of options to ensure that your children are always in good hands. Our partner famPLUS, for instance, helps working parents arrange expert childcare. We also provide employees who need to care for sick or disabled family members or who find themselves in difficult circumstances with help and support at no cost.


Our employees’ health is our top priority. That’s why thyssenkrupp launched its “Zero Accidents” initiative. This initiative aims to constantly improve safety, conditions, and well-being in the workplace. Our health and safety management plays an important role in this regard. We focus on preventive healthcare, offering a wide range of health services – from company sport programs and in-house doctors through to massages – to ensure that your healthy mind can rely on a healthy body.


A global technology group like thyssenkrupp should be known for its innovativeness – and not for irresponsible behavior. That’s why respectful cooperation with our employees and partners is at the center of everything we do. We are conscious of our corporate social responsibility, are fair business partners, support a range of socio-political initiatives, and invest heavily in environmental protection and resource efficiency. You can find further information under sustainability

Ready for the future

One day when you’re older, you may wish to slow down a bit or even leave the world of work, no matter how much you have enjoyed working at thyssenkrupp. If this day comes, we’ll offer you the option of entering semi-retirement or moving to a new position. This will allow you to adapt your workload to your own personal situation. If you prefer to enter well-earned retirement, there’s one thing you won’t need to worry about: your financial security. You can opt for the Group’s collectively bargained pension plan, or you can choose from a range of other pension schemes that vary from company to company.

Onboarding: Your first steps in a global corporation

Once you’ve signed your contract, you can begin your journey in a corporation that, despite being one of the biggest in the world, will always offer you very personal support. We’ll be right by your side as you take your first steps. Beginning with your welcome and a tour of your new workplace, we then provide introductory seminars and company-wide events to equip you with everything you need to make a successful start on your new duties. Every employee is given a fixed person to contact in the team when operational questions or personal issues need to be settled quickly. Experienced colleagues and experts will introduce you to your first projects and will be on hand to give you advice and assistance. 

Training and continuing education options

Every year, more than 80,000 participants avail themselves of the wide range of training and continuing education options offered by thyssenkrupp. Many of our employees in Germany complete more than one course so we have a very high rate of participation in training and continuing education: in excess of 140%. And demand continues to grow. Our training options focus on quality management, data technology, management skills, and intercultural awareness. Technical seminars and training sessions on work safety, health management, and environmental protection are also popular – and not just with engineers.

We also invest indirectly in our employees’ skills by encouraging them to gain further qualifications such as Executive MBAs or part-time PhDs. Talented young people and career starters are assigned mentors who will provide insights into their tasks and the world of thyssenkrupp. In addition, job rotation gives specialists the chance to discover new fields and companies within the Group, and thereby to reveal the buried potential within themselves.

Support for young professionals and management development

thyssenkrupp is growing. As a result of ongoing internationalization, new markets are constantly opening up, and so we need high-performing individuals who understand our company. That’s why we are placing more and more emphasis on promoting the development of talented young employees. By expanding their expertise, methodological skills, and personal competencies, we enable committed employees to pursue technical and management careers with excellent prospects. 

Strategic management development at thyssenkrupp: “thyssenkrupp PerspActive” and “thyssenkrupp Academy”

Our managers’ commitment and skills determine how well thyssenkrupp is positioned against the global competition and how well prepared we are for the challenges of the future. That’s why we launched “thyssenkrupp PerspActive”, a systematic and efficient management development process that aims to improve the performance of upper management and to ensure that key positions within the Group are filled with outstanding personnel. The “thyssenkrupp Academy”, which also aims to promote management and company development, runs programs that are contributing to the strategic and cultural transformation of the thyssenkrupp Group. The programs are aimed at the Group’s 2,000 upper-level managers. They are guided by the thyssenkrupp mission statement, the strategic objectives that have been set by the Group, and the current demands made on our managers.

Responsibility in working relationships

It’s not only with regard to its business activities that thyssenkrupp sees itself as a committed corporate citizen. We also treat our employees in a socially responsible way. We respect national employment laws and, above all, we respect human beings’ dignity. Furthermore, we follow the highest health and safety standards and offer fair working conditions and competitive remuneration.


We value and promote diversity in our employees because we firmly believe that these differences make us stronger and more successful. We therefore welcome all applications, irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic and social background, religion and beliefs, disability, age, and sexual orientation and identity. We expressly reject any form of discrimination and promote integration and tolerance. We became a PROUTEMPLOYER in 2016 and as such are committed to creating an open, tolerant, constructive work environment for all thyssenkrupp employees.

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