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Whether you’re still studying hard or you’ve already completed your degree, thyssenkrupp offers you as a student or graduate the opportunity to work in the way that best suits your situation, your interests and your goals. Or you can write your thesis with us and expand your knowledge with valuable practical experience.

There are also various ways of joining us once you’ve completed your degree: Direct entry for those who know exactly what job they want to do; or our trainee programs, which prepare you for a career or management position in your chosen area.

Are you a tech-savvy team player keen to develop solutions for automotive, materials distribution, green steel production or industrial facilities? Then read on to find out more about your opportunities – and concrete job offers to start working at thyssenkrupp as a part of #GENERATIONTK.

Direct entry as a graduate

Direct entry opportunities for graduates at thyssenkrupp

Our offer to you: Take advantage of our internationality and diversity! thyssenkrupp operates in a wide variety of fields with sites throughout Germany and around the globe. And that means lots of interesting options for you to get started with us.

To give you the best possible grounding we will systematically familiarize you with our product world, the structures and processes in our company, and your job. This support will help you make the best possible use of your talents and settle into our #GENERATIONTK quickly.

You know what you want and where your strengths lie? Then choose one of the openings for career entrants on our job board and send off your application! You can find an overview of our focus areas on our website for professionals.

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Getting started as a trainee

Get started at thyssenkrupp on a graduate trainee program

You’re a graduate and looking for an alternative to direct entry? Look no further: thyssenkrupp offers trainee programs to provide university graduates and talents with initial professional experience and prepare them for specialist and management positions.

The biggest difference to direct entry is that you learn about our structures and methods over a period of 12 to 24 months, working in several positions and areas in Germany and frequently also abroad. So you experience how varied your future work will be. You find out how the different interfaces work together. And you build up a valuable professional network. Our joint objective is to find your future role and prepare you specifically for it.

thyssenkrupp provides trainee programs for graduates in a wide range of fields and businesses. Take a look at our job board now to find the right program!

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Get to know us through a internship for students and graduates​

Pick up initial professional experience as a student intern

From marketing to mechanical engineering, software development to supply management, consulting to corporate finance: An internship offers students the opportunity to learn about the world of thyssenkrupp and its experts and put their studies to practical use. We expect you to have a solid grounding in your specialist subject, enjoy challenges and teamwork, and be able to spend two to six months with us. Find out more about our internship positions at our job board.

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From student to working student

Work as a student during your studies

Want to earn some money during your studies, get to know a global group and work in a job that fits in with what you’re studying? thyssenkrupp ticks all the boxes. In IT, HR, marketing, production or one of our many other functions – we’re often looking for support. You need to be enrolled at university and able to give us up to 20 hours of your time per week over a long period – and of course you need to be interested and have experience in the position you’re applying for. Find out all the details in our job ads for working students.

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Student thesis

Combine theory with practice for your degree thesis

Whatever kind of degree course you are on, if you intend to write your thesis on a subject linked to technology, IT, research and development or engineering, we should talk. If the subject is a good fit, we offer students support and mentoring by our experts for their thesis, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to show us what they can do.

Do you already have an idea for your thesis? Then set out your subject and a rough outline and apply to a suitable company.

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Tips for getting started with us​

Feedback makes you better!

No one does everything right from the get-go. You’re here to learn. And for that you need feedback. Make sure you get it by asking colleagues and supervisors to assess your work. As a general rule you’ll receive both praise and criticism. Accept criticism, but don’t take it personally. We want you to develop and improve.

See the big picture!

thyssenkrupp is a global company. There’s a lot to discover, and you need to be prepared to explore! Find out about what makes us tick, our goals and our setup. Once you understand our strategy it’s easier to see how your tasks fit in, and you will develop to everyone’s benefit.

Ask for work!

Your work days are not always mapped out from morning to evening. That’s your opportunity: If you have nothing to do, ask for work and show your team how keen you are! This helps the team, keeps you on your learning curve and it’s also a very collegial thing to do. A good feeling!

Stay informed!

Your colleagues have got your back. If you have any questions about your work, just ask them. If you’re a good listener you will find out a lot about thyssenkrupp. And you can top that up by reading, for example the news in our employee app or check out our intranet.

Build your own network!

Find your own place in the team and start making contacts. Try to remember your colleagues’ names and use them. It’s also good to take part in joint activities, for example if the team goes to lunch together. Not least, you should pick up on the unwritten rules and stick to them. Remember: The sooner you ask, the sooner you’ll know!

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