Bahir Saliji

Machine operator – Logistics

"Everything that happened during my training period reassured me that I'd chosen the right position – and I'm still enjoying it today!"

My role: not being afraid of heavy machinery

I started at thyssenkrupp on an apprenticeship to become a machine and system operator. Initially I got to know how to operate machinery on an automatic high rack, followed by vehicle loading and ultimately the spectral analyzer. Everything that happened during my training period reassured me that I'd chosen the right position, because I really enjoyed fulfilling my responsibilities. At a visit to the Duisburg steelworks, a colleague told me and the other apprentices about a suggested improvement he'd developed that was extremely successful, and for which he'd received a bonus of a million euros! Since that day, I've been waiting for my chance to position a similarly great idea.

My challenges

Our company is extremely diverse. As a result, it's never boring – and you can always be certain that you'll face new challenges every day!

My typical working day

A typical working day for me is actually more of a typical working night: When I'm assigned this shift, I'm responsible for undertaking the various night-time vehicle loading processes. If there's time and if it's needed, I also review materials with a spectral analyzer between loading processes.

Our tagline is "engineering. tomorrow. together.". For me, "together" means...

...that colleagues share their knowledge and experience with me so that I can benefit from both. And the fact that you're always finding out new things: It was a great moment for me, for example, when I was familiarized with the new spectral analyzer and ultimately mastered it. That's the "engineering" aspect of my work.

Constant personal development

I've been at thyssenkrupp since 2008 and my intention for the future is to learn lots more and be open to everything; the company offers its employees a huge number of prospects. I'm currently very happy in my present role – the changing shifts and wide range of tasks mean it never gets boring – and I'm excited and looking forward to what's coming next!

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