Ding Genlin

Account Manager

Ding Genlin (33) is breaking new ground for System Engineering in China. The account manager reports on the challenges of e-mobility.

Growing with my responsibilities

My very first project here in Shanghai was one of the most complex and difficult the company had ever faced: Our task was to win the first contract for an electric motor production line for System Engineering in China. Back in 2015 this was uncharted territory for us in this region; the processes and technology differ from production lines for internal combustion engines. It took a lot of commitment and effort to deal with the challenges that the new product creates. the problems, but it was all worthwhile because in the end we landed a contract – hopefully the first of many in this area.

My challenges

E-mobility is a fascinating area to work in. The technology is still pretty much in its infancy, with many groundbreaking developments still to come. As an account manager I work with many other companies with a focus on e-mobility. My main job is to establish and maintain contact with prospective and existing customers, evaluate tenders and submit bids.

My typical working day

I take a very structured approach to my job: Every morning I make a list of the things I need to do. A lot of my day is then taken up with phoning and e-mailing customers. Most of the projects I’m working on at the moment revolve around the assembly and testing of electric motors. Despite the experience we have now gathered in this area, each project is a challenge because every customer is different and has individual needs. And that’s fine: The main thing is that it remains interesting.