Elisa Schultz

Overhead Cost Allocation Expert, Corporate Controlling

"When people ask me how I come to be working for thyssenkrupp, my answer is fairly simple: I was magically attracted by the big “cube”!"

While I was at university in Essen studying economics, cultural studies and French, thyssenkrupp built its new headquarters, the big “cube”, that we now know as the thyssenkrupp Quarter. I was impressed by the fact that such a big company was building its headquarters here in the Ruhr and consciously going back to its roots. So I made inquiries about entry options and came across the Group trainee program. From there on in, I’d have to say everything went pretty smoothly. I sent off my application, was quickly invited to take part in a telephone interview, and then got another quick response inviting me to attend an assessment center. That took place in Essen over one and a half days. The things that impressed me most back then continue to apply in my professional position at thyssenkrupp: There was a personal atmosphere, and the focus was on what potential you bring to the table, where your interests lie and where you could best be deployed in the company. What was really good was that I was informed I had been accepted onto the trainee program on the evening of the final day of the assessment center. That was a great candidate experience and naturally a fantastic feeling.

I started in Controlling at Materials Services, our business area that brings together the Group’s materials distribution and logistics activities. During the trainee program I got to know lots of different areas of the Group, including foreign assignments in South Africa and Singapore. That was the ideal preparation for my start to professional life after the trainee program. Following my time at Materials Services I moved to Corporate Controlling at Corporate Headquarters. After a certain amount of time I generally look for new challenges and a new professional perspective. Whereas previously I was involved in operational controlling, today I work on more strategic and general controlling topics. That’s good because it enables me to interface with a large number of people in all corners of the Group. In other words I get to know lots of colleagues and find out about a lot of big and important topics at thyssenkrupp. That also helps me better understand this huge organization. It’s amazing to gradually build up a picture of how all the different parts of a group interact and also where this interaction isn’t working properly and why. Of course everything has to be coordinated and sometimes you have to fight for your topics and ideas, but I really feel that we at Corporate Controlling are helping move the Group forward. The trainee program is a thread that continues to run through my working life. Just a couple of weeks ago we had our alumni day. It’s fascinating to see what direction my colleagues have developed in.

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