Enedina González Evaristo

Employee in the production department

"I've had a lot of positive experiences at thyssenkrupp during my twelve years with the company, but I never would have thought that people in completely different corners of the world would be interested in what I've seen. I think that's fantastic and it even makes me a little proud."

Arriving in the world of work

I have a proper job for the first time here at thyssenkrupp. I used to be at home, taking care of the housework and my younger daughter. Handing her over to her grandparents to be looked after every day was not an easy step for me. And then to have so many people around me every day – and in fact so many men! – it was all very disconcerting at first. But my colleagues supported me from the outset and made joining the company easy.

My challenges

Our responsibility in production is to ensure that there are no faults. Because if something slips past us and a fault is eventually sent to a customer and is installed, the consequences can be life-threatening. So it's important to stay wide awake and alert at all times. 

My typical working day

When my colleagues and I are standing next to the conveyor belt, then we're a kind of small family. And, just like in a real family, sometimes someone gets tired, sad or into a bad mood. But we always try to cheer each other up.

Our tagline is "engineering. tomorrow. together.". For me, "together" means...

...responding as a single unit. Not just being a group of people, but really working on things together, feeling – and acting – like we're part of something. For example, we once had an order which we only had very little time to fulfill. But we all pulled together – those of us in production and administration – and achieved our goal together. Even if one person isn't doing too well, we can each rely on our colleagues: There's always someone who'll help you out. That's been my experience.

Being valued

I've never done an apprenticeship or anything like that, but both myself and my work have still been valued from the outset here. I have taken advantage of the training offered, and learned a lot about new technologies and quality assurance, as well as about safety and health. And another thing that's equally important is that I've learned to empathize with other people and better understand their views. This helps me to work better with my colleagues as well as in my day-to-day life at home.

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