Florian Bull

Process engineer | Florian Bull

The Better Choice – science vs. dancing

January 15, 2019 was the day the curtain rose on Florian Bull’s career at thyssenkrupp. He joined the company as a process engineer at the Bad Soden site, responsible among other things for preparing quotations and engineering documents and supervising commissioning activities.

The 24-year-old is an enthusiastic dancer and has appeared on stage – but his passion for science was greater so he decided at an early stage to study. “I never wanted to turn my dancing into a career,” says Florian Bull. “I was worried I would stop enjoying it.” After graduating from high school he initially studied food technology at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and then completed his Master’s in chemical and process engineering in Nuremberg. “As I see it, I couldn’t have made a better choice,” says Bull. “In principle I’m still solving big and complex word problems, which I’ve enjoyed doing ever since math lessons back in elementary school.” The thyssenkrupp job advertisement which he discovered on the internet while studying for his Master’s was also just right. The job description perfectly matched the process engineering aspects of his studies. He was particularly attracted by the mix of international travel and a fixed base in Germany.

With six months at the company now behind him, Florian Bull’s verdict is highly positive. As a newbie he is excited by the working conditions at thyssenkrupp: flexible working hours, the option of working from home and good pay as well as his actual tasks make the job perfect. The warm welcome he received from colleagues also played a big part in ensuring a successful start. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to give up dancing entirely. With his probationary period completed, after the summer vacation he would like to join a dance troupe in Frankfurt – his new adopted home – and tread the boards again, work permitting.