Dual study business administration | Jan Rohde

Found the right (dual) way

Leaving school with top grades, Jan Rohde was clearly headed for university. But finding the right degree course wasn’t as easy as he thought. It was only after trying out law and teaching – both of which involved frustration and a lot of theory – that he finally realized he wanted to do something practical. So the answer to his problem was an integrated degree course, offering the best of both worlds: theory and practice.

Jan Rohde is now studying business administration at the FOM university in Wuppertal while also completing a two-year apprenticeship in office management at the thyssenkrupp headquarters. After finishing his apprenticeship he will continue studying for a further one and a half years before he attains his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Having to commute every day between Wuppertal and Essen doesn’t bother him at all – far from it: “At last I feel as if I’ve arrived,” says the 22-year-old. “I’m also very lucky because thyssenkrupp is paying my university fees and the apprenticeship is really rewarding”.

During their training, apprentices at thyssenkrupp are already learning to work independently and take responsibility. From early on they are assigned small projects, which increases variety and is a sign of esteem. Another real bonus for Jan Rohde are the additional study days he can take each year which are not deducted from his leave entitlement. What is an integrated degree course? It’s a condensed tuition program and demands a lot of discipline and determination from the students. “I do have a heavy workload,” he says, “but even so: if you organize your time properly you can still meet up with friends and carry on with your hobbies”. As a collector of game consoles,

Jan Rohde is an easy-going type and he’s glad that he can wear sneakers and still fit in at thyssenkrupp. “I’ve now even found a casual business look that suits me and that I like a lot,” he says with a smile.