Corporate Program Manager | Jörn Ossowski

Corporate Program Manager

“The IT department at thyssenkrupp is brimming with movers and shakers who need support getting their projects off the ground. I’m one of them.”

How I got started – fresh impulses for IT

I was familiar with thyssenkrupp as a company with long-standing tradition and as a good employer before I even began working here. thyssenkrupp may have had a good reputation in engineering circles back then, but the IT department was due for some fresh ideas. That was a job for me; it was the reason I decided to work here. During my first few days at thyssenkrupp, I learned how diverse and, at times, complex thyssenkrupp is as a company. I was offered all sorts of introduction programs and I attended multiple onboarding events. I found everyone to be very open and friendly from the very beginning. In my duties as a project manager, it is absolutely necessary to listen to people and understand their needs. This is how I come up with the best ideas for my projects and for potential improvements.

My challenges-many opportunities

Routine internal processes and traditional perspectives can be a burden at times. But that lets us in IT find room for improvement and implement the necessary measures. As a project manager who is responsible for making differing ideas compatible with one another, this is always challenging and exciting. At thyssenkrupp, you can really achieve great things. Everyone sees the opportunities that are presented and does their part to seize them. And you can’t forget about the enormous range of projects and topics at thyssenkrupp. It’s truly unique.

My environment – in the time of digital transformation

The people at thyssenkrupp are incredibly friendly and open to change. The company is at the beginning of its digital transformation, which means that there are about to be many changes. It’s exciting to be a part of it all. Even if one area in IT or another isn’t the most modern, I appreciate working in an environment where these aspects are acknowledged and the processes are set in the right direction. Being able to do my part to make this happen fills me with joy.

My projects

I helped initiate my first project immediately after joining thyssenkrupp because I was able to become acquainted with each division and talk with the employees during my training phase. Together, we identified the need for a project that eventually saved the company an enormous amount of money—and we did this with very little developing expenditure. After successfully completing this project, I was given the chance to manage the oneNet project for implementing a company-wide content management system.

A look into the future - the way towards Industry 4.0

IT is the key to digital transformation. It’s no different at thyssenkrupp. The path to Industry 4.0 and similar visions for the future is full of hurdles, but thyssenkrupp knows how to take them. There will always be room for improvement, but if thyssenkrupp stays as open to change as it is now, we will soon be doing the impossible.