Kamal Kumar Shewaramani

Manager for After Sales Service

"After my engineering degree, I always dreamed of having the right solution ready for any problem – in any given industry or sector. This is a dream I'm still pursuing today. I have achieved a lot, for companies across a wide range of industrial sectors, over the course of my 25 years of professional experience. And I've still got a lot to do."

If it won't work, it's not possible

We wanted to help the company lower the total cost of operating its facilities. So a little while ago, we introduced the concept of integrated asset management. Many of our colleagues were skeptical to start with, and it was initially rejected by customers as well. But the management team stuck by us and gave us their support, and we finally succeeded in winning our first customer: we helped that client to make its facility safer, more reliable and more efficient. That was the start of a fantastic success story.

My challenges

The way to succeed is to set yourself apart from the competition. That's only possible if we continue to demonstrate through our work and first-rate service that we are simply better, because our customers' wellbeing is close to our heart. Cost is always an important factor in this respect: our customers want maximum quality at the lowest possible price. To be able to provide them with that, we need people who live and breathe good service, are in a constant process of personal development and establish efficient processes. Making customers happy with first-rate services – that's the pivotal challenge.

My typical working day

I am responsible for the After Sales Service area, and I deal with a variety of matters every day, such as strategy, the service culture, business excellence and performance, as well as with questions concerning business development, and with marketing and sales. It's all important. But ultimately it's about ensuring that our customers are happy with us and our service. The person you're dealing with makes the difference. So I spend the majority of my time bringing the best people on board and supporting them to continue to develop toward their potential.

Our tagline is "engineering. tomorrow. together.". For me, "together" means...

... first and foremost that everyone contributes their strengths so that the entire team succeeds. People providing each other with mutual support, sharing expertise, being there for each other – and not just in the office. Most of our 160 colleagues swap ideas on in-house training programs and forums, discuss issues and work together to find solutions. And if there's something to celebrate – whether it's a birthday or a project successfully completed – then we enjoy that celebration together. Our colleagues' families also often attend these events and we support each other in different ways in our personal lives too. The team is essentially a kind of extended family, and that's important to us as well.

Developing solutions for tomorrow's world

It's always been my dream, and I can do it at thyssenkrupp. From the outset my colleagues put their trust in me as I pursued unusual strategies, and even explore new methods in subjects relating to team development. Of course there are always skeptics who ask: "And how exactly is that going to work?" But you have the opportunity to try things out. And then, when you achieve success, and have also gained plenty of experience along the way that helps you and the entire team move forward, it's just a great feeling.

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