Katarina Sedlarova

Katarina Sedlarova

Moving to Germany for thyssenkrupp

She can speak Slovak, Czech, English, German and soon also Spanish. She can juggle dates better than anyone and for her punctuality is not a coincidence, but rather the result of precise planning. Katarina Sedlarova has been working at thyssenkrupp in Lockweiler since 2012 and is responsible for order scheduling in the Production Planning and Controlling – Car Body Technologies department. 

However, she first encountered thyssenkrupp a year earlier in Slovakia while working for a VW project as a project assistant. This resulted in a job offer in Germany. She first completed an integrated business administration degree majoring in industry in Karlsruhe and then took up her position in Lockweiler. The qualified translator currently has no plans to return to Slovakia. “I’m very happy here in Lockweiler, my colleagues are great and I really enjoy my work. What more could I ask for?” And messaging services like Skype and numerous visits to her home country keep any homesickness at bay.

Production Planning and Controlling

There are currently 22 other people working in the same department as Katarina Sedlarova. As a team they support projects for various locations, procure work resources and parts, and manage the internal production process. These projects include some that will continue into 2020. Even though the bulk of a project can be coordinated via a computer program, one key part of her work is agreeing details with other departments. Katarina Sedlarova’s talent for languages is obviously an advantage in an international team. But her work also requires nerves of steel, organizational skills and lots of patience when it comes to dealing professionally with customers and colleagues. Katarina Sedlarova particularly enjoys training new colleagues and hopes to be able to focus on this area more in the future. Punctuality is everything in her job. And it’s something the 31-year-old also attaches great importance to in her private life, particularly when traveling by train and plane to visit Paris or other European cities. She hates delays.

Driving home for Christmas

Since arriving in Germany in 2012 a lot has happened in her life. But Katarina Sedlarova is happy at thyssenkrupp in Lockweiler and has found a new home there. She enjoys spending her free time with her colleagues, traveling to other cities, reading or playing volleyball. Nevertheless, at Christmas she always goes home to Slovakia to celebrate with her family there.