SAP FI/CO Inhouse Consultant | Levent Eren

The newcomer

Since July 1, 2018 Levent Eren has been leading a new life. Up to that point he was an SAP FI/CO Senior Consultant. Away from home a lot, spending time with his family and friends wasn’t always easy. Eventually it was time for a change. Now an SAP FI/CO In-house Consultant, he works at thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH in Essen. Levent Eren can hardly believe his luck: “Finally I have more time for myself again.

And I have also found a working environment here in which I can develop and where I have prospects for the future.”

A new phase in life

The 40 kilometers from Solingen to Essen that he now has to travel every day for work seem like just a short hop. “I don’t regret starting over here for one second. On the contrary. I was welcomed with open arms and not thrown in at the deep end.” Levent Eren also receives a great deal of support on a daily basis from his colleagues who are providing lots of input to help him settle in. The 37-year-old began his career with an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk: “But it was clear to me from the outset that that would only be the first step in my professional development. I definitely wanted to gain further qualifications.”

A common thread

A degree in economics at the University of Wuppertal followed, majoring in finance and company auditing, taxation and controlling. “SAP was something I was already interested in back then so I focused on it during my studies.” This focus continued after university and SAP has remained a common thread running through his life to this day. “I am incredibly grateful to my parents for enabling me to get such a great education and always encouraging me,” says Levent Eren, who was born in Langenfeld and has Turkish roots in Izmir. Even though Levent Eren has only been at the company for six months, in his role as SAP FI/CO In-house Consultant he is already managing projects of his own, coordinating various change requests for other departments and playing an active role in shaping internal processes. In the coming years he is keen to learn even more. His dream is to work as a team leader and manage employees at some point: “I’m truly fascinated by the huge variety of national and international projects at thyssenkrupp. My big goal is to create solutions here with a team one day.”