Human Resources Analyst | Lilian da Costa Alves

“I have always dreamed of working for a big company and having a career that I enjoy and that allows me to achieve things I can be proud of. What can I say? I did it.” 

Dare to do something – accept challenges

I switched to HR department after working as an assistant at thyssenkrupp for a year. Two years later I became an analyst. I was immediately put in charge of filling 65 vacancies in the production department in just two months. That was amazing. I then became responsible for more and more strategically important positions. For instance, today I will be conducting interviews at the managerial level. There have been two pivotal moments in my development at thyssenkrupp. Each time, my boss told me: “Listen up, this is a new challenge for you. It won’t always be easy, but I know you can do it.” I said yes each time and that was the right decision. With each new task, I developed as a person and grew from the experience. I’m still constantly developing: I grow professionally and personally with each interview I conduct and each new challenge I take on. At thyssenkrupp, I have met people who recognize my strengths and put their faith in me. They have given me the chance to improve even more.

My challenges - fair processes for implementing the HR strategy

My internal clients have totally clear expectations of me. The main challenge in my job is accommodating these expectations as well as our HR strategy. If I do my job well, our entire team is stronger. It’s important to me that all processes are fair and that we all work well together. These are the prerequisites for good results.

My typical working day - getting to know the person behind the applicant

I talk to many applicants every day – sometimes on the phone, sometimes over Skype, sometimes in person. No two conversations are the same because no two people are the same. That’s what’s fun about talking to the applicants. I see it as an enrichment; you always learn something new and you gain from the experiences that others have had. The important thing to me is that I get to know the person behind the applicant: Which values are most important to him or her? What is this person really like? We have to be absolutely sure that potential colleagues fit in with the thyssenkrupp team.

Our slogan is “engineering. tomorrow. together. "." Together "for me means …

Always keeping sight of the fact that the company’s success is driven by human beings. They are the most important resource and I’m proud to be able to help make our team even stronger by recruiting good, new people.

Experiencing recognition

At thyssenkrupp, people are evaluated on how they develop and what they achieve. They have to come in with the proper qualifications, of course, and their personal values must be compatible with the company’s, but factors such as where a person comes from or if they – like me – have a handicap do not play a role here. Everybody is respected and is given the chance to continuously develop as a person. What a person does with that chance is up to them, but at thyssenkrupp, everything is in place for your professional development to be successful.