Dual study in mechatronic | Luca Riering


Luca Riering knows how important coordination between university and company, practice and theory is in an integrated study program. Since 2016 he has been studying mechatronics at Hamm-Lippstadt University, specializing in global production engineering, while working for thyssenkrupp in the Münsterland region. “Thanks to good organization and coordination, my studies are easy to combine with my work, because despite the double burden there is still enough time for my private life,” explains the 21-year-old.

The young man from Oer-Erkenschwick does not regret his decision to pursue an integrated study program. “After seven semesters, I won’t just have an academic degree in my pocket, I’ll have gained a lot of experience in the practical phases and also earned money – simply perfect for me!” He will finish his studies in spring 2020 with his bachelor’s dissertation in the seventh semester. “I can well imagine doing my Master’s too, but I’ll wait until the end of my current studies first”. Luca Riering currently works in the Automation & Electrical Engineering department and creates automation support tools in the programming languages C# and Python. That means a lot of on-screen work, but thanks to teamwork and cross-departmental projects, fun, communication and variety don’t fall by the wayside.

Not only is the working day multi-faceted, the mechatronics course also covers a broad spectrum of subjects such as mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, production processes and other chemistry-based subjects. “We students help each other – that is a matter of honor for us. After all, we all benefit from it!” Luca Riering doesn’t need a motivation boost, because as long as he enjoys his work, everything is fine, says the 21-year-old.