Matthias Glück

Plan B

Already fascinated by elevator technology during his studies, today he can often tell a tk elevator just by its “look and feel”: Matthias Glück has a fine feel for technology and material, and the quiet hum of elevators in motion is music to his ears. Whether on holiday or in everyday life, his passion for elevators and high-rise buildings means he takes every opportunity to travel right to the top and watch the motors in the machine room in action. He has particularly fond memories of the 492 meter high Shanghai World Financial Center with its impressive elevator technology, some of which was installed by thyssenkrupp. But the MULTI will change everything: At five meters per second it will speed through elevator shafts not just vertically but horizontally as well. Linear motor technology makes the MULTI the world’s first rope-less elevator. In 2021 the first MULTI will be installed in the planned East Side Tower in Berlin. Matthias Glück and his team are part of this technological revolution and are working hard every day to make it happen. The 33-year-old studied computer engineering and has been at thyssenkrupp since 2008, initially as an intern and engineer in research and now as Head of Electrical/Control/Software at tk Elevator Innovation GmbH. The tasks in his job are very demanding and diverse. Every day he and his team work on highly complex control systems, data transfers and coordination processes. Added to this are trips to international congresses and trade shows.

Matthias Glück recharges his batteries at home with his family. To switch off from work he also goes fishing or plays basketball. But his best weapon against stress is to not allow it to occur in the first place. “That’s why I always have a “plan B” in reserve. This strategy has proven effective and often made work easier and more relaxed,” says Matthias Glück, who heads a team of seven creative minds from the areas of software, automation technology and electrical engineering. This mix and experience in different fields makes his team particularly creative: they seek solutions together while each member works independently.