Paulo Costa

Vice President Engineering & Contracts

“I’m very interested in historical contexts and worlds of experience. What could be better than working for a company that’s more than 200 years old, where the philosophy includes learning from the past to build a successful future.”

Growing with my responsibilities

I was still studying when I worked as part of the thyssenkrupp team for the first time. That was in the early 2000s. Once I graduated in mechanical engineering, I worked in various departments before becoming a project manager in 2004. Over the next few years, I managed many projects and refined my expertise in the process. In 2010, I seized the opportunity to become Vice President, Engineering & Contracts. So I grew into my current role bit by bit, and that was a great thing.

My challenges

The volatility of the raw materials presents us with big challenges, because it affects us directly as an enterprise that uses a lot of raw materials. Given how unpredictable fluctuations are, we have to find successful solutions fast, and that's especially true for our mid- and long-term projects. So we don’t just have to be technically 100% fit; we also have to use our soft skills to great effect. 

My typical working day

For me, every day starts with a friendly “Good morning”. I greet each one of my colleagues personally every day. This isn’t about social convention for me – I just want to make it clear that we can achieve great things together in the hours to come. Apart from this starting point, which is always the same, there aren’t any fixed procedures. Every day is different: Meetings, reports, strategic decisions, brainstorming – some of everything. For me and my team, one thing is most important of all: Enjoying what we do.

Our tagline is "engineering. tomorrow. together.". For me, "together" means...

That we are an international corporation – a kind of network – in which we’re all connected with one another, and we all influence one another. We can only achieve long-term success as a team if each and every one of us brings their strengths and skills, and if we’re prepared to learn from each other. For example, I’ve worked with colleagues from various countries over the years – South Africa, China, North America, Canada, Chile and Germany. This is a huge advantage for me. I’ve learned a lot and gained some great experience. And I’m certain: If we keep up this way of working together, we’ll achieve the ambitious targets we’ve set for ourselves. 

Designing the course of change

Being both rich in tradition and forward-looking is the foundation of thyssenkrupp’s success. Our management culture is open and transparent. If anyone has a good idea, they are always heard. Everyone can develop themselves and their strengths – wherever they work, wherever they come from, and whatever their point of view. This diversity is what sets us apart, and gives us the strength to make change happen.

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