Peter Beckers

The networker with real drive

Being stuck in an office on his own has never been his thing, so his job as Manager Business Development & Sales Coordination is just right for Peter Beckers. In this position he acts as the hub for a number of topics and networks at a wide variety of levels.

He began his career with thyssenkrupp at the headquarters in Essen in 2015. Having started in management consulting, Peter Beckers has now been Manager Business Development & Sales Coordination for two years. In this role he coordinates a large number of activities and gets involved in Groupwide projects in the automotive area aimed at optimizing sales activities, for example for steering systems or dampers. He regularly discusses sales-related matters with key account managers from the business units to maximize benefits and ensure no opportunities are missed. But that’s just one aspect of his broad spectrum of duties. He also coordinates internal sales meetings to establish important parameters. These meetings are not only held in Germany, but once or twice a year also in China – a real treat for Peter Beckers. As an industrial engineering student majoring in mechanical engineering at Aachen University of Technology (RWTH), he also completed a Master of Science in Automotive Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing. So the meetings give Peter Beckers the opportunity to touch base and catch up with old contacts.

As Manager Business Development & Sales Coordination he is in his element in thyssenkrupp’s automotive division. “As a huge car fan, I love the insight into the automotive industry that my job gives me,” explains the engineer. “Already knowing about the technical innovations that will come onto the market in a few years’ time is really motivating.” The 32-year-old sees the numerous projects he is involved in as a great responsibility but also great fun – for example thyssenkrupp’s recent appearance at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt, which he helped organize as one of five sub-project managers. Even if he didn’t already enjoy his job, the coffee at the thyssenkrupp employee restaurant – which impresses even in barista circles – would certainly sweeten his day. “Even if things are really hectic, stopping for a coffee every day is a must,” says Peter Beckers. “It helps me recharge my batteries and gather my thoughts before getting back to work.”