Hollywood in Mexico

A crane ride, explosions, and ant eggs: We may not be shooting a Hollywood production, but Around the World gets a taste of the action this week with adventures at a Mexican cement plant.’


Mexico is worth a second dispatch because we have just had the best day of our trip so far. We don’t want to give the plot away, but we were out and about at a Mexican cement plant in Puebla on a shoot. Our engineers have designed the plant for a Mexican customer, and construction is currently underway on site.

The plant is right next to a limestone quarry, where the day literally began with a blast (the team and I stood right next to the demolition expert!). You see, the limestone has to be broken down into smaller pieces. Once this is done, sand is added to the mix and the two ingredients are heated up to 1,500 degrees Celsius to make Clinker. The Clinker is mixed with Gypsum and milled. The result: cement.

As we also had a date with the crane driver during our film shoot, our cameraman David and Michaela climbed right up to him onto a grate in front of the driver cabin, 140 meters above the ground! This resulted in some breathtaking panoramic shots.

We had somehow survived the day so far, which meant it was time to head to a traditional Mexican restaurant that evening. Once you get there, you have to try the local delicacies too. That’s right, real ant eggs. We have our colleague Jens to thank for this tip because the creepy-crawlies were wildly delicious, and served well to gradually prepare us for the next adventurous stops on our tour. But first it’s off to Brazil. Samba!

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