Sebastian Peters

Trainee at thyssenkrupp – many perspectives in a short period

18 months, four stations, many more projects and a period abroad. How is this possible? It is as easy as that: as a trainee at thyssenkrupp. Here you meet young people who all made their own way to thyssenkrupp. Two examples: Sebastian Peters and Valerianne Walter. Both like to remember their time as a trainee and give a personal insight into career opportunities at thyssenkrupp.

A good decision at the right time

After his studies, a great career opportunity opened up for Sebastian Peters: “I can only recommend anyone to take part in the thyssenkrupp trainee program,” he explains. “You get to know different business areas and functions, which in my case were even selected to match my interest in digitization.” The 27-year-old has been with thyssenkrupp since June 1, 2017. He lives in Dortmund and studied economics at university there. He made his first contact with thyssenkrupp through a fellow student. While studying, Sebastian Peters worked for thyssenkrupp as a work student, gaining his first professional experience and even writing his master thesis there.

Sebastian Peters was one of eight trainees working at the Essen headquarters during their traineeship. In the meantime, Sebastian has started a full time job at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG in Essen as he finished his traineeship at the end of last year after 18 months. For Sebastian it was clear: he will stay with thyssenkrupp.

Change of perspectives

They were all completing a trainee program, that comprises of four stations and is supplemented by project work, workshops, and periods abroad. Sebastian Peters particularly liked the business lunch format, where he had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ask questions in direct discussions with managers. “But my stay abroad in Denver in the USA was also terrific,” he adds. “It was great to see how differently our people there tackled the topic of innovation.”

New friendships

The switch from student to working life was not difficult for Sebastian Peters as it was a gradual process and he didn´t have to prepare for a regular working week overnight. Fixed office hours, new colleagues and a fixed salary – there can be many changes at the start of a career, often including moving home. Sebastian Peters’ private life has also changed. Many of his leisure activities are shifting from Dortmund to Essen and new friendships have been made.

After work, Sebastian Peters rarely sits on the couch, instead preferring to seek an active balance to everyday office life. He enjoys doing sports, including with his former trainee colleagues if the opportunity arises. The experience of going through the trainee program together welded the young people together, in not only sport. The personal contact and friendship has continued until today.

Valerianne growing in the job

Life without a car is unimaginable in the USA, so she got her driver’s license especially beforehand. Valerianne Walter with 24 years was one of eight thyssenkrupp trainees who has spent time abroad as part of the Group trainee program. She needed a car to get around in Detroit where she was taking part in a three-month e-commerce project. Looking back, it was a very exciting time for Valerianne, during which she not only honed her professional capabilities but also strengthened her personal skills for life in the globalized world.

From Chemistry to business IT

Before being accepted as a trainee with thyssenkrupp, she first studied chemistry and computer science before realizing that business IT would give her more creative scope. After completing a master’s degree in business IT in Lausanne, Valerianne came across thyssenkrupp. Enthused by the company’s wide product range and complex IT landscape, she quickly realized she had found the perfect challenge. After successfully completing the assessment center, Valerianne Walter finally became a trainee at thyssenkrupp.

Networking as well as mentoring leading to success

During this time, Valerianne was supported by a mentor who assisted her not just in selecting projects but also in dealing with other issues that concern young trainees. Valerianne was particularly pleased with the successful completion of a project aimed at minimizing reject rates. Here she was able to create real added value for the Group. “Without the trainee program I could never have built such a large network of contacts,” says Valerianne. “The numerous projects helped me improve my professional skills. At the same time I could grow personally in them and I’m much more self-confident today than I used to be.” It quickly became clear that Valerianne saw her future with thyssenkrupp – today she is working for the thyssenkrupp AG in the Ruhr Valley located in Germany.