SEED Campus – Where knowledge is sown

Barely a trainee at thyssenkrupp and I’m already back on campus! The Around the World team and I are visiting the SEED Campus in Shanghai, China, this week where our elevator professionals harvest their knowledge.


Knowledge needs to grow

As the Chinese proverb goes, “If you’re planning for a year, sow rice. If you’re planning for a decade, plant trees. If you’re planning for a lifetime, teach people.” This could also be a fitting slogan of the thyssenkrupp SEED Campus project that we are looking at this week. They may not be planting real seeds on the SEED Campus, but knowledge of the elevator industry is being cultivated across six global locations. This is important because there are increasing demands on service technicians to be as up-to-date as possible due to new technologies such as the MULTI system.

We meet Yang Huang at the SEED Campus in Shanghai, China. The 23-year-old has just completed her one-year placement in Elevator Installation Management and is now undergoing practical training with her colleagues. While the guys install an elevator in a practice shaft together, Yang provides them with instructions and offers help from the outside. Soon Yang will lead a team of elevator technicians herself. “I think that women have better coordination and documentation skills in comparison to men,” she says with a laugh as the only woman on the course.
It’s quite a lot of responsibility, I immediately think to myself as I see all of the cables dangling above at dizzying heights. “What makes this kind of installation dangerous is the risk of objects falling into the shaft,” explains Yong. That’s what makes these training sessions so important for project managers, too, as she always needs be able to assess the dangers for her team.

The learning center’s busy bee

The SEED Campus does not only have a good foothold in Shanghai, as these training programs need to reach all of our service technicians. Service employees in faraway regions therefore have the chance to receive training in diagnostic and repair skills thanks to the SEED Campus Truck. That’s why the truck reminds me of a busy bee, constantly distributing seeds of knowledge – by next year not only in China, India and Korea, but also in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

We depart China and set course for India, feeling a little more pollinated with technical expertise. I think that producer Michaela and I are also perfectly qualified for the elevator installation business. We have essentially been practicing our coordination and documentation skills on our motley crew here every day. Is everybody there?

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