Projekt Manager Supply Chain | Simon Koza

Hitting the ground running – a career at thyssenkrupp

Simon Koza started at thyssenkrupp as a student on an integrated study program. That was eight years ago. It all began in 2011 when the current Supply Chain Project Manager decided to study Logistics Management at the European University of Applied Sciences EU/FH in Neuss. After three years he had his Bachelor’s degree in his pocket. Right from the start Simon Koza was able to hit the ground running because during his studies he spent half his time in the central logistics department at thyssenkrupp, learning operating procedures and combining his theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

After graduating, he stayed with thyssenkrupp and initially worked as a Logistics Performance consultant. After three years of professional experience, his next career step followed in 2017 when he became Supply Chain Project Manager. Then, as now, every day in the office is different: After starting the computer in the morning, he checks emails and his appointment calendar and completes day-to-day tasks. In addition, he prepares and participates in meetings, creates presentations and coordinates project tasks. But Simon Koza’s main task is to improve processes that are aligned with the Group’s overall strategy. For example, he implements innovative transport management tools or introduces new key figures. Depending on the phase of the project, more or less travel is involved for Simon Koza. While he is in the office a lot during the development phase, he rarely sees his desk for weeks during the roll-out. Then he is on site in the business areas to ensure implementation runs smoothly.

For Simon Koza, social skills are a fundamental prerequisite because he works with a wide range of employees: from warehouse employees to board members, he has to convey the benefits of new tools and sometimes also ease peoples’ fears about new things. “Being able to work with a wide variety of people and make a difference in the Group is the best thing about my job for me,” says Simon Koza, “and the fact that I even get to travel for it is a gift, because I also enjoy getting to know new countries and cultures in my private life.”