Loft meets Lift

This time Around the World is in Sydney, where we discover how to stylishly incorporate elements from your industry into the office!


I’m moving when we come back from our trip Around the World, which means I’m interested in everything to do with interior design at the moment. I manage to steal a look inside home furnishing magazines at every airport and love to look around small design boutiques. I think that Chris Wright, procurement manager for thyssenkrupp Australia, must have spent a long time doing the same.

Chris invited us to pay him a visit at the new office in Sydney. He may not be an interior designer, yet he has done an incredibly good job. The new office concept that he developed for our Elevator Business Area could be described as ‘loft meets lift.’ “We wanted to move out of our old office and viewed several options. The goal was to find something unusual for once, and this was the only building that conveyed what our company does here in Sydney,” he tells us.

What we are here to do in Sydney is look around the heritage listed wool warehouse that has been converted into a modern open loft across two floors. An elevator door with a ‘Press here to enter’ button marks the entrance. “That was a little gimmick,” says Chris with a smile. “We wanted our business to move into the office with us.” I would say that he has succeeded: The office stairs look like our escalators, and steel elevator cables and sheaves hang from the ceiling. There is even a lounge in the style of an antique elevator. As a result, the head office for Sydney and New South Wales is the perfect mix of office and industry, and an excellent idea in my opinion. Something that made me smile was how the IT guys aren’t hidden away here. Their wired-up office, filled with flashing servers, has glass walls, “because they are just as much as part of the business as we are,” says Chris.

Shortly before we leave, I discover the love of my (interior design) life in the form of a glass-top coffee table with a copper base. Where’s it from, Chris?

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