Yang Wang

General Trainee

"Even as a child I wanted to do something technical, so I really feel at home here. I'm aiming for a managerial position in the medium-term, and the wonderfully organized training system at thyssenkrupp, which is – luckily – typically German, is helping me to achieve this."

I am learning a lot at thyssenkrupp, about life too

People who constantly set themselves new goals achieve more in the long term. I have followed this principle from the outset, although I'm only at the start of my career. I came to thyssenkrupp to do a three-month internship even before I had graduated from university. A campus recruiting program gave me the opportunity to join the company as a trainee after my graduation. I feel really privileged to begin my career here and to be part of a multinational group. Recently, I attended SEED Campus Asia Pacific to get to know the company and its processes on site. I then returned to ThyssenKrupp Elevator and started in the Installation division.

My challenges

As a trainee, I have already learned a lot about organization and production in the Elevator division. Through working closely with my colleagues, I quickly became part of the thyssenkrupp team, with the result that today I'm familiar both with the processes and environment. Despite consistent operating processes, no two days are ever the same. This is because precision work is hugely important and requires an extraordinary level of concentration.

My typical working day

As a trainee, there's no such thing as a typical working day for me. At present, I am responsible for production planning, dispatch and billing within my team. The experience I gained during my internship has enabled me to collaborate with colleagues on site, and to ensure that projects run smoothly.

Our tagline is "engineering. tomorrow. together.". For me, "together" means...

... that we are working together for a better future for thyssenkrupp.

A flying start to management

Alongside the warm and friendly atmosphere within and outside the team, I appreciate the broad scope for development at thyssenkrupp. The training system is well-organized. It's typically German, and that's what characterizes the corporate culture too. Although I always knew as a child that I wanted to do something with technology, in the medium term I'm aiming for a management position. There's a long road ahead. But to put it more poetically: Little strokes fell great oaks! Thanks to my mentor, who has really helped my career take off, I have learned a lot – not only about the company, but about life too.