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Always on the move – training pays off!

Marcel Dietz, Head of Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, Marcel Dietz is a match for anyone, he learned his job from the bottom up. He is not only a trained power electronics technician and foreman electrician, he also – in his spare time – earned a recognized qualification in technical management. An impressive record, on the back of which he is now Head of Maintenance at thyssenkrupp System Engineering’s new Mühlacker site, where he is responsible for around thirty people. 32-year-old Marcel Dietz joined thyssenkrupp in 2016, initially as leader of the maintenance team at the Weinsberg site. For his new job he has now moved from Weinsberg to a place near Mühlacker so that he can get to work at short notice if needed and live close to his employees. With his team, consisting of mechatronics technicians and electricians, he is responsible for ensuring 100% availability of the fully automated line for the production of underbody parts for the auto industry. But he never needs to pick up a screwdriver, his work involves giving technical briefings and implementing organizational measures. He keeps a constant eye on key performance indicators including quantities, cycle times, and various quality characteristics such as dimensional accuracy.

Aside from all the technology, people are his main concern. It is very important to Marcel Dietz to build an expert team of people who can work together and are on the same wavelength. “The team has to find itself, it’s the same as in sport. Only then can we get good results and make work easier,” says Marcel Dietz, speaking from experience. “For me personally, the human factor is key because it has a long-term effect on the success of the company.” To find his balance, Marcel Dietz likes to go running in his spare time. Flying drones is another of his hobbies – because even outside work he can’t do without technology altogether.