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If you’ve found a position that appeals to you on our job board, then it’s time to take the next step. On this page we’ve gathered together all the information you’ll need on the application process to ensure that your application gets to us safely and soundly. We look forward to getting to know you!



You can find out about vacancies on our job board, which is updated on a daily basis. Simply choose your entry level, your field, and your desired location, and you’ll be able to view all available jobs at a glance. You can store interesting positions in your shopping cart for up to one week. View jobs near you using our Jobmap which you can use at home on your PC or on the go because the job board is smartphone compatible. Other filters will help you to limit your search.

If you can’t find any vacancies in your region or desired company, this may be because not all thyssenkrupp subsidiaries are linked to our career portal.

Your application

There are several ways of applying to thyssenkrupp. The quickest is via our online application management system. This system enables us to respond quickly to your application, and it saves you both time and money. Start your online application process by simply clicking on the relevant button in the job advertisement you’re interested in. Once you have written your cover letter and résumé, you just need up to 10 minutes to fill out the application form. You can upload your application documents directly, or you can import them using your XING or LinkedIn profile.

Please take note of our privacy policy when filling out the online application form.

Alternatively, we would also be pleased to receive your application by email. Please send it directly to the specified contact person in the relevant division and location. Our companies manage and process all applications themselves.

Checklist for online applications:

  • Cover letter
  • Résumé
  • References and certificates
  • Copy of your highest educational qualification

In any form of digital application, please ensure that the files you attach comply with the usual standards. Attach text files as PDFs if possible, and attach image files in JPG format. Please make sure that the size of the file attachments doesn’t exceed 5 MB in total.


Application Tips

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This familiar phrase is especially true for your application, which should convey a vivid picture of your qualifications, interests, and personality in as succinct a manner as possible. Doing this is easy if you follow a few simple rules.

What happens after you have submitted your application?

When reviewing your documents, our recruiters follow a clearly structured process. Various factors, such as whether you have applied for an advertised vacancy or submitted an unsolicited application, affect this process. To give you a clear idea of what happens after you apply, here is a short overview:

On average, the entire application process – from when you first make contact with us until you receive our (hopefully positive) response – takes between four and six weeks. We will of course send you confirmation that we’ve received your application. If you apply online, you’ll receive this confirmation in a matter of minutes; if you apply by e-mail, it will take a few days.

Application for a specific vacancy

  • Your application will be reviewed by the HR department.
  • The HR department will make a shortlist of the applications it has received.
  • If you’re a suitable candidate, you’ll be contacted by the HR department.
  • You’ll be invited to interview. The interview will last around one hour.
  • A range of selection tools will be used to narrow down the candidates further.
  • The department you have applied for or the HR department will make the final decision.
  • You’ll sign your contract and begin working with us.

The interview

Your application documents impressed us. Now we’d like to meet you in person and find out more about you, your experience, and why you are applying. The interview offers you an opportunity to form a clearer idea of our company and the position you’re interested in. Here are some points to bear in mind in the interview:

  • Introduce yourself and show us that you’re the right person – in terms of expertise and personality – for “your” position. Impress us with your qualifications, your understanding of the industry, and your knowledge of current developments and trends.
  • Being well-prepared will help you perform confidently. You should be able to answer questions about your résumé (including any periods that may require further explanation), your strengths and weaknesses, your reasons for applying.
  • To emphasize that you’re exceptionally suited to the job, you should appear smart and professional. Punctuality, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and make-up all play a role in this regard. Find out in advance about how to get to the interview, how long the journey takes, parking, and the location.
  • It’s normal to be a little nervous. Your interviewers will understand this and make allowances for it. The most important thing is to be open and genuine. Speak calmly and clearly. Avoid exaggerated gestures. Maintain eye contact with your interviewers and try to adopt a relaxed, but not too casual, sitting position.
  • We’ll discuss the next steps of the process with you before concluding the interview.


The application process



No doubt you have already thoroughly researched career opportunities and the application process at thyssenkrupp. If you still have some queries, please check our FAQs. If these do not answer your questions, your contact person will be happy to assist. Thank you for your interest


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