University graduates

Yesterday you were still on campus, today you’re already in good company

If you’re a university graduate, we can offer you an innovative environment in which you’ll develop your skills and further your career. Whether you wish to take part in a trainee program, start working straight away, or complete a doctoral program, we’ll be by your side right from the start.

No doubt you’ll receive plenty of good advice before you launch your career. But how can you make sure that you settle into working life at thyssenkrupp as quickly as possible? We answer this question here in the form of five tips to get you off to a good start.

Your degree – our suggestions for getting started with us

If you’d like to find out about the entry opportunities and career paths that your degree qualifies you for, you’re in the right place. Suggestions for a perfect start at thyssenkrupp are just a mouse-click away.

Your way to thyssenkrupp

Direct entry

Discover the many facets of an international technology group and play a key role in exciting projects from your very first day. How? It’s easy: Simply select your subject area from the entry positions on our online job board and apply for a future rich in variety and excellent prospects.

It goes without saying that we give new employees a detailed and systematic introduction to our company’s products, processes, and structures. In so doing, we help you to fulfill your potential and integrate into our team. In short, direct entry is a tailor-made start for talented people who know exactly what they want.

Trainee programs

There are many options open to you if you’re fresh out of university. Our trainee programs are among the most interesting and exciting of these. These programs intensively prepare you for future responsibilities and workplaces. Our wide-ranging programs allow you to see the bigger picture. By working in a series of different locations in the Group, you’ll get to know other divisions. This will enable you to broaden your expertise and lay the foundation for your personal network.

The programs aim to prepare graduates and talented people for demanding technical and management positions by providing them with initial professional experience and the chance to learn on the job. The trainee programs differ from the traditional direct entry option in that their participants immerse themselves in our structures and processes for a fixed period of 12 to 24 months. Participants generally work in a number of different divisions and locations both in Germany and abroad. Off-the-job training sessions are also provided. These sessions are specially tailored to participants’ unique strengths and areas they wish to improve.

And what do the trainee programs and direct entry opportunities have in common? Like in all areas of thyssenkrupp, you can expect interesting tasks and the opportunity to tackle these as part of a team.

Our corporate trainee program: Create (y)our future

Our corporate trainee program prepares people like you for your first responsible position at thyssenkrupp. Create (y)our future’s main goal is to attract talented people who want to shape their own future and that of thyssenkrupp.

The program

Learning. Practicing. Pioneering. That’s what our trainee program is all about. Demonstrate total commitment, and with our support you’ll be ready for a responsible position in just 18 months. You’ll begin the program by working for several months in the organization in which your target position is located. After this, you’ll rotate between a total of four to five different divisions and locations, including a holding company and one of our foreign subsidiaries. Your time abroad will give you the chance to improve your language and intercultural skills. As a temporary expat, you’ll work on a project, build up international networks, and experience the cultural diversity of thyssenkrupp. You’ll then get experience of another domestic post en route back to your target organization.

If we’ve piqued your interest, then launch your career with us as a trainee.

You can find more information about the Group trainee program an job openings here:

Group Trainee Program Global Job Board

Doctoral program

Do you wish to get started at thyssenkrupp while working on your doctoral dissertation? No problem! We welcome smart and competent people with the highest possible academic degree, and we’ll support you in your part-time doctoral studies after you start working with us. We’ll be happy to discuss the details with you personally.

On the path to success with the YOUR INNOVATION doctoral program

During your doctoral studies you have the chance to be nominated to our high-quality YOUR INNOVATION doctoral program. This program gives you the opportunity to use our research network to share ideas with other doctoral candidates and experienced employees. In addition, it enables you to realize your potential by participating in specially tailored seminars. We’ll provide you with targeted interdisciplinary support on your journey to your doctorate. Thanks to our close cooperation with several universities, we seamlessly integrate research and practice. This in turn allows you to fully focus on your work and dissertation. Join us and help us shape the future

Your contact person for any questions you may have about the program


Stefan Cassel

Trainee Recruiting

thyssenkrupp AG

thyssenkrupp Allee 1 ,45143 Essen

In-house consulting

A career with TKMC - exciting challenges in in-house consulting

thyssenkrupp Management Consulting (TKMC) is the in-house management consulting service for the thyssenkrupp Group.

Together with our clients, upper-level executives from various divisions of the company, we are shaping the future of a successful, highly diversified technology group. We combine a high level of consulting expertise with sound knowledge about the Group and work in all internal divisions, all around the world.

Our dynamic team features a good mix of recent university graduates, young professionals and experienced experts from top external management consulting firms. We encourage our employees and give them the qualifications they need to move into a responsible leadership role within the Group later on in their careers.

Help shape a young consulting firm as it grows and lay the foundations for more attractive opportunities to develop within the thyssenkrupp Group.

More information about TKMC and current vacancies can be found here.
Your career contact: Anne Kaltenstein |

Tips for getting started with us

Useful info for newbies

At last we’re ready to get started: thyssenkrupp is delighted that you’ve accepted the Group’s offer of employment. Welcome on board! We look forward to working with you. And we’d like to make the transition to the new world of work as smooth as possible by sharing a few tips with you. What applies to top politicians also applies to you: in the first 100 days, you’ll lay the foundation for your future professional success. We hope that the tips will help you to learn about our corporate culture and settle in well. And remember, there’s no need to be nervous: we were all once newbies here. 

We’ve no doubt that these tips will help you perfectly apply your skills and expertise in your work with us. And we're sure that your team can hardly wait to get to know you. So accept invitations (e.g. to lunch) as often as you can. Get to know how your team ticks and maintain an open attitude.

Five tips to ease your transition

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