Supply chain Managers at thyssenkrupp

Fascinating logistics tasks in a variety of sectors

Supply chain optimization for the energy division of one of our major customers. Management of hundreds of suppliers for an aircraft manufacturer in the USA. Or cross-plant process optimization in thyssenkrupp’s automotive division. Our supply chain managers work for internal and external customers in a wide range of regions and sectors.

The right parts in the right amount in the right place at the right time? We see the optimized management of goods flows and supply chains as a strategic competitive advantage. We collaborate closely with our internal and external customers. We identify their individual requirements, analyze processes and data and develop tailored solutions from procurement to scheduling to delivery.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to university or completed an apprenticeship, whether you come from a technical, business or logistics background: If you share our enthusiasm for supply chain management, have the right know-how and want to create the best possible solutions for our customers, you will find interesting jobs and challenges as a supply chain manager here.

Why thyssenkrupp?

Supply chain management at thyssenkrupp combines expert knowledge with the exciting potential of digitization.

An optimized supply chain is a key factor for the success of a company. So we value professionals with vision who make use of all technical possibilities to optimize goods flows and supply chains. Our vision? Warehouse-independent sales. Connected locations, equipment and machinery. The use of Big Data and machine learning. Artificial intelligence is already helping us dynamically manage a global logistics network of 271 storage locations with more than 150,000 products and services.

See for yourself how thyssenkrupp combines digitization strategies and many years of know-how to generate fascinating potential. In a diverse company where colleagues from sales, procurement, production, logistics and IT work hand in hand. In a job that offers new challenges and opportunities every day.

Who we are

Occupational safety and health

thyssenkrupp systematically improves working conditions and healthcare.thyssenkrupp systematically improves working conditions and healthcare.

At thyssenkrupp we work to improve working conditions and well-being in the workplace every day. We reduce the number of accidents by systematically eliminating unsafe conditions and acts. Our vision: “Zero accidents”. We also provide preventive healthcare through our Occupational Safety and Health Management. Whether company fitness programs, medical services or massage therapy: With our healthcare services, we help keep you fit.


thyssenkrupp offers a wide range of benefits.thyssenkrupp offers a wide range of benefits.

thyssenkrupp means pleasant working environments and attractive benefits. We work together in international teams, keep hierarchies flat, and encourage a speak-up culture. We also offer you:

  • Flexible working hours
  • In-house medical care
  • Employee discounts
  • Further training
  • Company pension plan

And that’s not all! When you work for thyssenkrupp you also profit from various site-specific benefits. To find out more, ask your recruiter.

Family & work

thyssenkrupp helps you combine work and family life.thyssenkrupp helps you combine work and family life.

We help you strike a healthy balance between work and family life. With on-site daycare facilities, we ensure your children are in good hands when you focus on your job tasks. In case of any child care shortage, we provide parent-and-child offices.


thyssenkrupp offers flexible working time modelsthyssenkrupp offers flexible working time models

At thyssenkrupp we want everyone as far as possible to be able to decide for themselves how and when they work. Whether you come at 7 a.m. and leave early, or start at 11 a.m. and stay longer – as long as you work the agreed hours, we support flexible working time models. We also offer you the possibility of working from home – to help you improve your work-life balance.

Research & development

thyssenkrupp invests in research and development.thyssenkrupp invests in research and development.

We are one of the biggest industrial enterprises in the world. But the world is changing. In response to these changes and shape-shifting markets, we increasingly focus on technologies. Innovative approaches and solutions give us the edge we need to strengthen our position.


thyssenkrupp pursues a proactive compliance policy.thyssenkrupp pursues a proactive compliance policy.
To us compliance means more than just obeying rules and regulations. Compliance is a question of mindset – and integrity part of our DNA. Our compliance program is designed to identify potential risks at an early stage and if necessary initiate suitable countermeasures. Compliance officers around the world advise, educate and inform employees about legal requirements. thyssenkrupp employs around 65 full-time compliance employees who are additionally supported by more than 250 compliance managers from the operating units.


thyssenkrupp supports LGBTI employees.thyssenkrupp supports LGBTI employees.

The LGBTI network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual employees was established in January 2016. Under the network’s patron, Executive Board member Oliver Burkhard, we support the interests of our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual employees.


thyssenkrupp supports inclusion.thyssenkrupp supports inclusion.
In 2015 thyssenkrupp issued a statement expressing its commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities. We see workplace inclusion, i.e. self-determined and equal participation by people with disabilities in working life, as a particular corporate responsibility. Currently around 3,800 people with disabilities work in our Group’s German companies.


thyssenkrupp focuses on sustainability.thyssenkrupp focuses on sustainability.

Respectful collaboration with our employees and partners is key to everything we do. We are aware of our social responsibility as a company, are fair in our business dealings, support numerous sociopolitical initiatives, and invest in environmental protection and resource efficiency. To find out more, go to Sustainability

Developing talent

thyssenkrupp develops talent and leadership.thyssenkrupp develops talent and leadership.
Whether new market requirements, disruptive technologies or digital transformation: Our corporate environment is constantly changing. So we need innovative employees who understand our business. To this end we invest in our young talents – and systematically develop their professional, methodological and personal skills. thyssenkrupp PerspActive The quality of our leaders determines how well we are prepared for the challenges of the future. This is why we set up thyssenkrupp PerspActive – a systematic and efficient management development program. The aim is to strengthen the capabilities of our top management and fill key positions with excellent candidates. thyssenkrupp Academy With its programs, the thyssenkrupp Academy supports the strategic and cultural transformation of the company. Alongside the main curriculum directed at around 2,000 executives, the Academy also offers training for all other employees, e.g. on subjects such as change, digitization, and new work.


thyssenkrupp promotes diversity.thyssenkrupp promotes diversity.
At thyssenkrupp we are convinced that differences make us successful. That’s why we welcome all applications – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion or worldview, physical ability, age, sexual orientation and identity. We value and promote diversity and exploit the potential it offers. People from 134 nations currently work for thyssenkrupp. We also take a strong stance against discrimination – and for integration. We have been a PROUTEMPLOYER since 2016 and are committed to maintaining a working environment that is open, tolerant and constructive for everyone. To find out more about our social responsibility in labor relations, check out our Code of conduct.


thyssenkrupp helps you get started.thyssenkrupp helps you get started.
When you sign your contract you take your first step into one of the world’s biggest companies. We’re there to support you – right from the start.For this we select a member of your team to act as your guide and help you if you have questions or personal matters to discuss. We provide you with the materials you need for work, hold introductions to get to know your colleagues and their projects so that you can network within the group.As part of your onboarding program you will join other new colleagues for an introduction to life in an international group. You will also take part in a guided tour of the site.In the first four to twelve weeks we will invite you to a target-setting discussion in which we carry out process analyses together and give you feedback on your performance. This helps you translate our corporate strategy into your individual goals.

Responsibility for our employees

thyssenkrupp acts responsibly towards employees.thyssenkrupp acts responsibly towards employees.

We are not just a business enterprise – we see ourselves as a corporate citizen. And so we meet our social responsibility towards our employees. We respect national labor law standards. And above all we promote the preservation of human dignity. At the same time we set ourselves the highest occupational safety and health standards, offer fair working conditions and competitive pay worldwide.


thyssenkrupp supports training of employees.thyssenkrupp supports training of employees.

Every year over 80,000 people take part in development programs at thyssenkrupp. Many of our employees in Germany even do more than one course. That’s a training rate of over 140%. And rising.

Our key training areas are quality management, data technology, management development, and promoting intercultural understanding. But technical seminars and courses on occupational safety, health management and environmental protection are also in demand – and not just with our engineers.

We also help people gain qualifications such as the Executive MBA or an in-service doctorate. Young talents and new recruits are assigned mentors. And a job rotation scheme gives specialist staff the opportunity to discover new fields of work and tap into potential they never imagined they had.

Security in later life

thyssenkrupp offers support for every phase of lifethyssenkrupp offers support for every phase of life

It’s important to us that you feel good in every phase of your working life at thyssenkrupp. So if some day you decide to take things easier at work, you can apply for partial retirement or change to a different job. And for the time after you retire we offer you a choice of additional retirement plans – depending on your company – to boost your collectively agreed pension benefits.

Open communication

We foster a speak-up culture and take feedback seriously. We want to listen and learn – preferably in direct contact. But if you prefer to give feedback online, that’s fine too, because thyssenkrupp encourages everyone to use review sites such as Kununu or Glassdoor. With honest feedback from our candidates and employees we can gauge how you perceive thyssenkrupp and how we can improve. And sometimes we can just be proud – thanks to your reviews.

What skills and expierence you need

Supply chain managers at thyssenkrupp work in a range of different sectors and key areas, so there is no fixed requirements profile. However, to ensure you are a good fit as a supply chain manager, it’s generally important that you can offer the following:

  • Completed studies in economics or industrial engineering
  • Ideally additional training and/or experience in supply chain management or logistics
  • Sound knowledge of logistics concepts, Six Sigma and Lean Management Methods, plus experience of SAP
  • An analytical, process-oriented mindset and project management skills
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Readiness to work in an international team and travel

Andre Mense -  Technical customer support

From apprentice to head of department: André Mense has mastered many roles at thyssenkrupp. As a true Westphalian, he has always had an attachment to thyssenkrupp – whether in Beckum, Essen or Krefeld. He has been part of #GENERATIONTK for 20 years – a proud anniversary. How come he’s never become bored with the same employer? It’s because of the many opportunities for personal development at thyssenkrupp.

To the interview

Simon Koza – Supply Chain Management, Processes & Integration

Simon Koza – Supply Chain Management/Supply Chain Processes & Integration

Simon Koza started at thyssenkrupp as a student on an integrated study program. That was eight years ago. It all began in 2011 when the current Supply Chain Project Manager decided to study Logistics Management at the European University of Applied Sciences EU/FH in Neuss. After three years he had his Bachelor’s degree in his pocket. Right from the start Simon Koza was able to hit the ground running because during his studies he spent half his time in the central logistics department at thyssenkrupp, learning operating procedures and combining his theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

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