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Our application tips

All information at a glance

You’ve found one or more suitable jobs on our job board? Then apply now. We are happy to support and help you with the application process at thyssenkrupp. We have summarized everything you need to know here.

From receipt of your documents to job offer: The application process

Step 1: Online application

Have you found an interesting vacancy? Then apply online. You won’t need more than 10 minutes. The entire application process – from initial contact to response – usually takes between four and six weeks.

Step 2: Receipt of your application

Step 3: Review by functional department

Step 4: Interview

Step 5: The offer

Step 6: Starting out with us

Before starting your application

How do I apply online?

You can start the online application process simply by clicking on the “Apply now” button in the job advertisement. Do you have your covering letter and résumé ready? Then you will need a maximum of 10 minutes to send everything.

For online applications, please note our privacy statement.

If there is no application button in the job advertisement, please send your application directly to the relevant company unit or location and stated contact. Each company processes applications independently.

We were impressed by your application. Now we’d like to meet you and learn more. Use the interview to introduce yourself and gain an insight into our company and your job.

  • Show us that you are a good fit for “your” position professionally and personally. Win us over with your qualifications and knowledge of the sector and trends.
  • Prepare yourself for questions. Why did you apply? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What can you tell us about your résumé?
  • Be punctual and dress appropriately. Find out how to get to the interview, parking and local conditions in advance.
  • It’s ok to be nervous. Just be yourself. Speak calmly and clearly. Maintain eye contact with the people you speak to and a relaxed posture.
  • And breathe. After the interview we will agree the next steps together.

How to apply online

The online application process at thyssenkrupp

We have summarized the most important information about online applications in this handy video.


You’ve found the apprenticeship you’ve been looking for and the right location. Now you need to concentrate on your application. But how and when should you apply? What goes into making a good application? And how should you prepare for an interview? You can find answers to the most important questions here.

So what exactly does the application process for an apprenticeship involve?
When do I need to apply?
What does a perfect application look like?
What should I definitely not get wrong?
What does a digital application look like?
How can I prepare for tests and selection interviews?
What will happen on the first day of my apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp?
What supplementary courses, etc. can I benefit from as an apprentice?
I’ve understood all that – now how do I find out what apprenticeships you offer?

Five tips for your start with us

Making a start at thyssenkrupp is something special. You may well be impressed by the sheer size and diversity of our group and all our technologies – but don’t be overwhelmed! Check out our tips for getting started – they’ll help you get off on the right foot…

Feedback makes you better!
See the big picture!
Ask for work!
Stay informed!
Build your own network!

How can I get an internship as a student? How can I take up a direct entry opportunity as a graduate? How should I apply and what do I need to bear in mind when I start? You can find answers to these questions here!

What should I bring to the company as an intern?
How should I apply?
What else do I need to bear in mind?

Five tips for getting started

We’d like to provide a few tips to help you hit the ground running so you can make a difference at thyssenkrupp with your know-how and personality and settle in quickly.

See the big picture!
Build your own network!
Be a team player!
Feedback makes you better!
Stay informed!

So you’ve read about your opportunities and the application process at thyssenkrupp on our careers website. Still have questions? Then check out our FAQs!

I would like to apply for several positions at various locations. How can I do that?
How long before my desired start date should I apply?
Who should I direct my application to?
What type of application do you prefer?
What should a good application look like?
How long does the application process take?
I am working for thyssenkrupp already and am interested in an internal job change. How can I apply?

Have we answered all your questions? Then apply now!